Unlocking Your Sales Potential A 12-Week Journey to Sales Certification

Throughout this certification, you’ll delve into sales mastery to equip you and your team with the skills and mindset necessary for success. Each week, you’ll explore a unique step of the sales process, making this an interactive process to create or strengthen your existing sales skills.
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Here's a glimpse of what to expect each week:

  • Session 1: Define your mindset and professionalism in sales.
  • Session 2: Explore the power of beliefs and understand the four types of salespeople.
  • Session 3: Dive into effective communication and engagement strategies.
  • Session 4: Learn about prospecting, qualifying, and targeting for maximum impact.
  • Session 5: Discover lead qualification techniques and the art of creating a buyer experience.
  • Session 6: Develop relationship-building and body language skills.
  • Session 7: Master sales negotiation and objection handling.
  • Session 8: Understand your competition and leverage your unique selling proposition.
  • Session 9: Optimize your sales process, track KPIs, and use essential sales tools.
  • Session 10: Elevate customer service and support for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Session 11: Explore the enrollment process, asking the right questions, and closing deals.
  • Session 12: Maximize positive outcomes, script usage, and turn your vision into reality.

Included in Your Program - All for Only $1500

Each week, you will have homework and opportunities for feedback, making this program an interactive and transformative journey.