Unlocking Your Sales Potential A 12-Week Journey to Sales Certification

Throughout this online and in person sales coaching program, sales managers, sales teams and sales reps will learn or refresh your skills in sales performance, sales process, how to close deals, and how to make sales calls more powerful for any level of sales professional.

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You’ll experience role playing, creating action plans, and develop metrics, follow up plans and initiatives to create the best sales process possible. You’ll explore a unique step of the sales process, making this an interactive and effective coaching process to create or strengthen your existing sales skills.

Each week, your group coaching session will include homework, opportunities for feedback, and functionality that will make your life as simplified as possible, allowing you to close deals, improve retention and follow action plans to create amazing results.


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Here's a glimpse of what to expect each week:

  • Session 1: How sales professionals become top performers by creating and using a well defined sales process. Whether you’re a sales manager, a sales rep, or an data driven sales leader, you’ll learn the keys to mindset and professionalism in sales.
  • Session 2: Explore successful sales beliefs and understand the four types of salespeople.
  • Session 3: Dive into effective sales call strategies, messaging, initiatives and conversational intelligence. You’ll also start on communication and engagement strategies to lay the groundwork for retention and one on one relationship selling.
  • Session 4: Learn sales coaching tips for prospecting, qualifying, and targeting for maximum impact during the sales cycle.
  • Session 5: Discover lead qualification skillsets and the art of building trust to create a great buyer experience.
  • Session 6: Develop relationship-building and body language skills to quickly build trust with your prospects and among your entire team if you’re a sales leader.
  • Session 7: Master sales negotiation and objection handling to maximize win rates and real time sales methodologies.
  • Session 8: Understand your competition and leverage your unique selling proposition to create an unstoppable sales strategy.
  • Session 9: Optimize your sales process, track KPIs, and incentives, consider the ins and outs of pricing and learn to use essential sales tools to create coaching plans for your entire sales team.
  • Session 10: Elevate customer service and support by building in follow up and check ins with your customers to ensure customer satisfaction and loyalty. Find areas of improvement that have the most positive outcomes for your customers, creating additional reasons for retention.
  • Session 11: Explore your onboarding process by asking the right questions, and using your crm correctly, leading to even more closed deals.
  • Session 12: Maximize sales coaching techniques to create positive outcomes, script usage, messaging and review your overall sales process to turn your vision into reality.

An Effective Sales Coaching Program - All for Only $1500

Individual salespeople, all the way to experienced sales leaders, and sales managers will learn skills ranging from how to create a sales process to bottom-line metrics and measurement systems using this program.

The sales enablement techniques will improve team performance as much as individual results. In addition, you’ll be getting world-class sales coaching for an hour each week to ensure your skillset continues to grow and improve.

The bottom line of this sales training program is to coach you to create consistent sales. Whether as an individual sales rep or within your sales team members.