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One-To-One Coaching

One-To-One Coaching

One-to-One Coaching Programs are designed for companies who need one-to-one support and team accountability to begin to exit your business or develop your team.

Ascend™ Brilliantly Effective Business Plans

Proper business planning and an objective look at your numbers and strategy can mean the difference between long term growth and success, and failure… even profitable businesses can (and do) get caught short because of “numbers illusion” that could have been caught or forecast in the context of a proper business plan.

Format: 2 days of interactive facilitation, dialogue and brainstorming with direct “inputs” to the plan. You’ll be supported by multiple coaches and peer business owners as we build an achievable and realistic 3-5 year plan for your business.

Ascend Brilliantly Effective Business Plans
Mentor Club


This program teaches both basic and advanced leadership, communication, and selling/sales management skills – in a confidential setting with a peer group of 3-4 people.  This is “on demand” coaching –all about what each participant needs that week, and skills that need to improve. Before they can effectively lead and manage others, they must effectively lead and manage themselves!  Includes complimentary annual GrowthCLUB membership.


Seven Session Business Core Education ActionCLUB consists of 7 sessions that teach you everything you must have in place to have a profitable business; understand how a successful business should run so you can begin implementing major foundational pieces. Participating in ActionCLUB is like getting a semester of business education, with your business as the subject matter. 90 minute intensives include Purpose (vision, mission, culture), Generating Cashflow, Streetwise Marketing, SalesRICH and PhoneRICH, TeamRICH, Systems & The Leverage Game.

Action Club
Profit Club


Fast-moving, 90 minute sessions with your CLUB every other week to learn, apply and grow.  Session format is 30 minutes homework review, 30 minutes education, and 30 minutes “hot seat” feedback on a real time issue in your business or sales process. Includes complimentary annual GrowthCLUB membership

Books & Beer

Calling all sales people (or anyone who has to “sell”)!  Bi-Weekly Sales Book Club has required reading, learning and application discussion with a coach and your peers!  A great way to keep your skills up!   Includes complimentary annual GrowthCLUB membership.

Books & Beer
Growth Club


Quarterly Planning: Sometimes you need to slow down to speed up. Our quarterly planning days let you and your team take a step back, assess the last 90 days, understand strategically what worked/didn’t work and why, and build your week-by-week plan for the upcoming quarter. Give yourself this gift of alignment and focus.

Ascend Growth

Whether your business is taking off and you are growing like crazy, or have a great business but what you have been doing is not working like it used to, you need a plan to address every challenge that comes your way. This is a one-hour high-level overview of the key steps you need to execute to steer your business through growth and transition and come out on the other side more profitable, with your team intact, and your customers well cared for.


Ascend Succession

You have grown an incredible business and now may be thinking about your life after business. There are many options to consider as you plan on a new leadership change within your business.  This is a one-hour high-level overview of the key steps you need to execute to steer your business through transition and come out on the other side more profitable, with your team intact, and your customers well cared for.

Coaching & Cocktails

Meet up with other liked-minded business owners who are a part of our community to network and socialize. This is an excellent way to learn about what others are doing in the community, get advice, and move your business forward!

This networking/social event is exclusive to MentorCLUB or One-To-One coaching clients.

Coaching & Cocktails

Make More Work Less

The 6 Steps to Building a Business - a proven and progressive, step-by-step approach that helps clarify company objectives and produces consistent profits over time. Each rung of the ladder in the 6 Steps - Mastery, Niche, Leverage, Team, Synergy and Results - are dependent on one another and each works to propel the other forward.

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