12-Week Management Training

Welcome to a transformative 12-week journey designed to unlock your leadership potential. Throughout this program, you will delve into the core principles and competencies of effective management and leadership. Each week presents a unique facet of leadership development, building a solid foundation for your management skills growth. This program is designed to “install as you go” so you will not only learn, but also execute your management skills throughout the program.
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Upcoming Sessions:

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Here's a snapshot of what to expect:

  • Session 1: Explore the distinction between management and leadership, develop a leadership mindset, and learn to eliminate blind spots while embracing a customer and growth mindset.
  • Session 2: Dive deep into management competencies, assess your skills, and discover how to elevate your leadership capabilities.
  • Session 3: Master the art of managing daily lists, creating an organized workflow that boosts productivity.
  • Session 4: Move on to managing weekly lists, introducing the LION concept to enhance your strategic planning.
  • Session 5: Learn to lead impactful weekly meetings, covering essential elements like WIFLE, group discussions, individual lists, and more.
  • Session 6: Explore the art of managing 1-2-1 meetings, fostering effective one-on-one communication with your team members.
  • Session 7: Set goals and measures using KAI, KPI, KBI, and the 6x6 approach. Embrace stretch goals and SMART objectives.
  • Session 8: Craft a dynamic 90-day plan, making dreams come true with IVVM, and focusing on quarterly objectives.
  • Session 9: Navigate annual reviews, personal development, and discipline, including SWOT analysis and conflict management.
  • Session 10: Enhance your communication skills, delve into tools like 360-degree feedback, and explore neuro-linguistic programming.
  • Session 11: Build effective teams through systems, training, and recruiting, incorporating the 80:20 rule and ActionCOACH's systemization principles.
  • Session 12: Transition from a manager to a leader by understanding the dynamics of management and leadership transition.

Included in Your Program - All for Only $1500

Each week, you will dive into these crucial aspects of leadership development, complete with actionable takeaways on your guided journey towards becoming an exceptional leader.
Each week, you will have homework and opportunities for feedback, making this program an interactive and transformative journey.