Business Diagnostic

Your $295 Business diagnostic is a top to bottom, thorough review of your Top 5 Most important opportunities in your business.
Get a Business Diag

You’ll fill out a Business Background Questionnaire and be asked 28 questions every business owner should be asking themselves every month.  (If you’re not asking yourself these questions, you’re leaving money on the table, not growing as fast as you could be and not building a business that works without you!) 

ActionCOACH Business CoachingAnd don’t worry if you’re busy.  This step takes 15-20 minutes at the most and will open your eyes even before your meeting. 

Then, in 90-minutes you’ll explore your business to understand where it is today, the goals for the future, and what, if anything, is getting in your way.   

If coaching can get you to your goals faster than you can on your own, it has a financial return, and we’d all like working together, then a suitable coaching program will be offered to you. 

At the end of your diagnostic session, you’ll be totally prepared to decide whether business coaching is for you. 

Included in Your Diagnostic - All for Only $295

1. CLARITY on your goals, growth and numbers in your business. Business numbers will be broken down and evaluated to find top 5 most scalable areas.
2. Results and strategies for projected growth of business for the next 90 days.
3. A detailed and unbiased analysis of your business, and what programs fit you best.