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Mar 26 2020


1:00 pm - 4:00 pm



Life, Business, and COVID-19 – Creating YOUR plan for the next 90 Days

We’re all in the same boat – but many of your competitors will be going into totally defensive mode.  During this three hour strategic planning session, we will guide you through creating a strategy for three areas of your business to make sure you have a solid plan to succeed where others might succumb to fear.
The three areas we will lead you through are:
  1. Mindset – you can’t access resources well when you’re brain is in panic mode
  2. Mitigate threats – actions to take to minimize the downsides
  3. Find & pursue opportunities

While there are clearly differences between now and the Great Recession, many of the same strategies will work today.  Plan, don’t panic.  Evaluate your business thoroughly in all 11+1 areas, and create a set of actions that you will take to put yourself and you business in the best position to succeed through this crisis.

This session will be held via zoom on:
March 26th from 1 – 4 PM Central Time
Let’s get you prepared for the duration of this Covid-19 situation.