Vitense Golfland
5501 Schroeder Rd, Madison, WI 53711
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Jan 17 2020


8:00 am - 9:30 am



Business Planning for Strategic Growth- Breakfast at Vitense!

Whether your business is taking off and you are growing like crazy, or have a great business but what you have been doing is not working like it used to, you need a plan to address every challenge that comes your way.

For businesses that are growing fast: You might be hiring your first couple employees, out growing your space, have more business than you anticipated and now are feeling overwhelmed.

If you are a business that has been successful for many years, you may have discovered that what used to work, just isn’t working anymore and need a new strategy but aren’t sure where to start.

For both of these scenarios, we have an answer. A strategic 5-year plan for you to incorporate into your business, that will show you exactly what you need to achieve the milestones you set for yourself and your business.

Please Note: This is not training. It is a high level overview of the key steps you need to execute to steer your business through growth and transition and come out on the other side more profitable, with your team intact, and your customers well cared for.