Accountability Step 2: Setting Clear Expectations

Jackie Zach
May 17, 2024

Have you ever asked yourself and your employees, “What results am I paying you to achieve?” I’ll bet that 7 out of 10 times what you think and what your employees think are two different things. That is because there is a lack of clarity around success and how to win in their position. Accountability becomes a lot easier when both parties clearly understand the activities, behaviors and results that are expected of them.

As a coach, I see a lot of job descriptions and expectation setting documents that are very vague. As an example, the document describes the task but has no measurable results or time frame for expected completion. In other words, your employees (and maybe even you) aren’t sure what success looks like in their role.

If you think about championship sports teams, each player has a position (role to play) in the overall success of the team. They know exactly what is expected of them and the results they are expected to produce to win. How they do that is only confined by the rules of the game and their ability. No one goes into the game thinking they are going to sabotage the team. They go into the game thinking, “How can I do my very best to help myself and my team win?”

Simply put, clear expectations answer the questions, “Who does what by when? How is success measured in my role?” Additionally, successful people want to know how their role fits into the overall success of the team and the company.

Once everyone knows the role they play and what success looks like then it is a matter of all parts of the business rowing together to become a championship team. Accountability becomes easier because both you and your employees know what it takes to win. Championship teams hold each member accountable, each member holds themselves accountable and it becomes easier for the leader to hold everyone accountable. Win, Win, Win!

How would you feel about your team and your business if everyone was rowing in the same direction? I guarantee you it will be a lot more fun!