Success Stories

“Thank you! I am very excited to see the completed first version of the plan! I was able to dig more deeply into my numbers than I ever have before, and it was great to network with other like-minded business owners as we all work to improve our businesses.”
– Amanda Wilson
“This is an amazing group of people. They have the ability to assess a business's strengths and compare them within the same business field. In addressing the weaknesses, they know how to focus on key steps to turn those problems around. They have helped our company in identifying key people for hiring, and how better to market our strengths in a competitive climate. Our small group of eclectic businesses meets weekly with our coach. Together we help keep each other strong with sharing knowledge that is helpful to ANY business. And our Coach continues to work with us on improving and strengthening our markets. I highly recommend them for ANY business that wants to be/stay ahead of the competition.”
– Dr. Kristine Collins
“Action Coach in Madison has been vital to me taking my business to the next level. They have helped me think more critically about how to successfully grow my business and become much more deliberate and intentional in my day to day operations. As a small business owner, it is so helpful to have someone on my team to help sort through different opportunities, prioritize and keep accountability for accomplishing my goals. Thank you so much!”
– Daniel Sandridge
“I now have a vision of the future!”
– Nicki Knecht
“ActionCoach has taken my business to levels I didn't think possible. I've increased sales, added staff and even started taking regular vacations. Can you say that in this economy?”
– Tara Ingalls

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