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Apr 24 2020


10:00 am - 11:00 am



Which Pivots are Permanent?

By now, you’ve undoubtedly made adjustments in your business to deal with covid 19, “safer at home”, social distancing, loss of ability to travel around, and other changes that were forced upon you recently.

You should also be thinking about what steps will look like to “reopen” your business, or at least to deal with upcoming growth as you start to see relaxing of the current lockdown situation.

You will want to take two things in to account.

  1. Which of the pivots you’ve made should you make permanent – meaning keep in your business as you start to grow again
  2. Which of your “old” product lines should you never bring back, even when business starts to grow.

You will want to join us at our next set of web events  so that you can begin to learn what type of framework will make your decision processes easier.

You don’t want to do this one “on the fly”.  You have too much to lose to wing it this time.



**After you register you will recieve the Zoom link via e-mail by Emily Bissen within a couple hours and then again an hour before the start of the session.**

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