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May 20 2020


1:00 pm - 1:45 pm



You Can Do This- Step One is Taking Back Control (PM)

We’re coming out of crisis mode, and into the next normal. Before you get completely overwhelmed with all you need to do to ramp back up, take 45 minutes to look at the four keys to mastering your business. Once you have these in place, everything else is easy.

Mastery is the owner taking back control. It is the first step in making sure the business delivers profit and productivity with enough information to make great decisions.

We’ll cover four main points in this session:

  1. Destination Mastery – Where the business is going.
  2. Money Mastery – Knowing what factors drive profit and what numbers to measure.
  3. Time Mastery -Learning what is most urgent and most timely to boost overall productivity.
  4. Delivery Mastery – The process of building consistency into the what the business produces and delivers to its customers.

You’ll get a high-level overview of the four points above. And if you want a deeper dive into one or more of these sessions, we’ll show you how to get help. You’ll come away with the first steps you need to take in each area, so you can feel confident you’re on the right path for getting back to business.

We’re stronger as a community when we work together.

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