The Fermentorium Barrel House - 6933 W North Ave Wauwatosa, WI 53213
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May 12 2022


11:30 am - 1:00 pm

Make More Work Less – Join us at The Fermentorium Barrel House – MKE

Make More, Work Less is a Free LIVE Training for Entrepreneurs & Business Owners:

Are you growing?

Are you stuck?

Are you preparing for succession?

Do you ever lose sleep at night worrying about your business?

If any of those are a yes, it’s probably time for a business plan.  But you don’t have to do that on your own.

After 47 iterations of strategic planning, we have learned to do this in the fastest and most effective way possible.  And you can take advantage of our expertise to create YOUR. strategic plan.

Invest 90 minutes with an expert coach and discover your opportunity to do a plan that would normally take 6 months, complete in 2 days.

You’ll prepare your business for the opportunities that will come and you’ll learn what pieces you’ll need to have in place to ensure that your business has a recipe for success under any circumstances.

You’ll ensure that your business can weather any storm and be prepared for opportunities as they come in the near future.

The biggest risk you can take is to do nothing.

BONUS #1 We are including a complementary coaching session to get you started on thinking about your business and the path forward. All you have to do is get registered, and we will reach out to schedule your coaching session.

BONUS #2: You will also receive a link to start receiving the Daily Dose of Business ©.

Join us at The Fermentorium Barrel House – 6933 W North Ave Wauwatosa, WI 53213

*a light lunch will be served