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Nov 08 2023


2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

6 TO 60 Free Wealth Building Seminar- Join Us LIVE via Teams

Discover Your 5-step proven blueprint to go from stress in your life & business to creating wealth and a transferrable business – whether that’s in 6 months or 60!

If you are a business owner, entrepreneur or executive who is dealing with…

  1. Fast growth – and you don’t have enough capacity to keep up
  2. Stalled growth – your market has shifted and you need to get sales started up again
  3. Thinking about what could be next for you and transitioning your business to key employees, family members or selling it as part of your wealth plan and you don’t know how or when to start…

…then you are invited to this exclusive 6 to 60 Wealth Building through Planning Seminar!

  • You’ll learn what needs to be included in your business, strategic or succession plan depending on your situation (growing too fast, stuck, or thinking about transitioning) so your team stops being “busy” and has the fastest, straightest path to success
  • You’ll see our 30-year, globally-proven blueprint to have healthy growth that dramatically increases the value of your business while actually saving you time and energy because you are focused on the right things
  • You’ll discover the myths you’ve been led to believe by others that are actually keeping you and your team stuck – preventing you from doing the business, strategic or succession plan that would give your team the step-by-step blueprint that would make you successful

Imagine your team being CLEAR on what to do, when to do it, and doing the things that will dramatically increase the value of your business – and You having the FREEDOM to enjoy it!

*This LIVE Teams Seminar is FREE, but seats are limited!  Grab your spot now!