The 5 Ways: Your Core Business Strategies to Make More, Work Less

Mike McKay
May 17, 2024


Business can be complex.   Finding the fewest, most critical factors for success can be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. The “5 Ways” is our powerful dashboard for helping tens of thousands of businesses make crucial decisions. This blog post delves into the practical application of the “5 Ways” tools, uncovering ways to optimize decision-making, from hiring and pricing to improving sales processes. Discover how a 10% improvement in each of five key areas leads to a significant 61% increase in net profit.

Your 5 Ways: The Simple Ways Your Company Actually Makes Money

We will explore the practical aspects of the “5 Ways” tool, dissecting its theoretical underpinnings and revealing its immense potential for businesses. From understanding leads and prospects to maximizing marketing activities, we break down the steps needed to apply these learnings effectively, and simply, in your business.

The 5 Ways: A Powerful Dashboard for Your Business

The “5 Ways” serves as a singular and powerful dashboard, providing clarity on crucial business decisions. It guides you on what to sell, when to sell it, how much to sell it for, when to hire, how to price, and virtually every decision you’ll encounter in your business journey. Its versatility extends to unexpected applications, such as deciding when to replace equipment or funding that long-awaited family vacation.

The 5 Ways

Conversion Rate
Average Dollar Sale
Number of Transactions
Profit Margin

On its surface, this format is incredibly simple.  Yet, using it creates incredibly profound results.  For example, if you put your numbers into The 5 Ways formula, you’ll see that just a 10% improvement in those areas leads to a 61% growth in profit for you.

Unveiling the Practical Side: Hiring, Investment, and More

But how does the “5 Ways” tool translate into real-world decisions? Let’s explore scenarios like hiring a new employee. By understanding margin and costs, you’ll understand the impact on your business costs and required revenue to pay for that employee.  For the first time, businesses can strategically plan the onboarding process to ensure your new hire contributes to the bottom line effectively and immediately.

There are many more practical applications for your decision making as well.

Your Journey Starts Now

Ready to learn how the “5 Ways” is affecting your business right now?  Schedule a business diagnostic and one of our coaching team will show you the simplest ways to make more money in your business, starting right away!  

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