Accountability Step 5: InterFEARance

Jackie Zach
May 17, 2024

We’ve determined that you are operating with the right mindset. The person is aware of the situation and what needs to be done. They have taken personal responsibility for getting it done and they know at least the first few steps to take.

Here is the biggie! What might interfere with getting it done? In other words, is there any fear or trepidation that the person might be experiencing that will get in the way of successful completion? Most of the time we don’t even consider this when holding someone accountable to doing what they say they’re going to do. It happens to all of us, we look at a project or a task or an outcome and may become overwhelmed. We feel like we won’t be successful, not confident in our abilities or any number of thoughts running through our heads.

How do we find out what might get in the way of a successful result? We can ask. “Is there anything you feel that might get in the way? or “What is going through your head as we talk about this project?”

By getting all the things out on the table that might get in the way of the results everyone is looking for they can be addressed. Maybe the person needs a little reassurance. Maybe they need help getting started. Maybe they just need to understand that feeling out of their comfort zone is natural. This discussion might reveal better ways to do things that no one thought about doing or tools that are lacking.

Don’t skip this step even if it makes you uncomfortable. One thing I know is addressing it will strengthen you as a leader, empower the person and build trust between you.