Feb. 15, 2024

Leading Through Crisis

When we are leading through crisis, the first step is to check yourself. Are you panicking? Are you looking at a solution? If you take your blinders off and focus on truly what is in front of you, you will find opportunity.  How prepared are you to take advantage of opportunities? Take advantage of a complimentary business strategy session to
Feb. 13, 2024

Paying Taxes

Do you say “I don’t want to pay taxes” to yourself? Did you know that this philosophy also stunts your business’s growth? Listen as we discuss business taxes and the things to think about when you have those thoughts.    Is your growth stuck because you’re afraid to pay taxes? Take advantage of a complimentary business strategy session to discover the
Feb. 08, 2024

Good Vs Bad Debt

Bad debt is meant for short term use such as operating expenses, etc. If you’re going to use bad debt, the first objective is to have a plan to get out of it. Good debt is based on growth, like investing in a new marketing program or hiring a new marketing person or real estate. Listen as Mike and Jackie
Feb. 06, 2024

Fast Growth Requires Cash

Tons of business owners have this abject fear of owing money to others. If you want your business to be able to grow, you need access to money. There’s a saying…”money attracts money.“ Are you willing to borrow money, take investors, etc. if that money is meant to grow your business? The ActionCOACH 5-Ways tools help lay out what must
Feb. 01, 2024

Commercial Profitable Enterprise That Works Without You

Our definition of a business is “A Commercial Profitable Enterprise that Works Without You.” The point of being out of the business is to make it as valuable as you can make it. Turning it into an asset maximizes the work you put into your business. The steps that allow you to own a business versus having a job that